Convicted Felon, Kidnapper, and Accomplice to Murder, Donna Hylton Spoke at Women’s March

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A woman who was convicted of kidnapping, torturing, raping, and then murdering a man landed a cherry job in the Women’s marcher.  She was listed as a featured speaker of the event.  The name of this woman?  Donna Hylton.

The one refreshing thing about Hylton is she openly did what many in this march for hate secretly want to do, kidnap, rape, and murder men, bring the “patriarchy” down.

In the mid 80s, Hylton, along with 6 other people (three men and three women), kidnapped Thomas Vigliarolo, a 62-year old real-estate broker.  They sodomized him with a three foot pole, they said, “because he was a homo anyway.”

Yeah, she’s also a bigot, but it’s ok, she’s black and progressive so we’ll give her a pass on murdering people she thinks might be gay.

In a Psychology Today article about the crime, New York City Detective William Spurling stated, “I couldn’t believe this girl who was so intelligent and nice-looking could be so unemotional about what she was telling me she and her friends had done. They’d squeezed the victim’s testicles with a pair of pliers, beat him, burned him.”

The article in Psychology Today also reveals that Hylton had delivered a ransom note to one of the victim’s friends in the amount of $435,000.  The victim was already dead at this point.  Hylton was convicted of kidnapping and other charges.  She was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Since her release, she has been a social justice activist seeking prison and sentencing reforms, and a veritable darling of the Progressive Hate Machine.

Do you remember what happened to the founder of Mozilla because he gave money to a group resisting legalizing gay marriage?  That man was tossed out of his own company by a bunch of virtue-signaling, bigoted members of the Progressive Hate Machine.

Do you remember what the Progressive Hate Machine did to Paula Dean for once possibly using the N word in a private conversation?  They almost destroyed her career and reputation.

Murder a man while being a black woman who supports your pro-death, pro-murder, anti-life cause?  Get celebrated by that same group of virtue-signaling, bigoted members of the Progressive Hate Machine.

The virtue-signaling of the Progressive Hate Machine is not so much about virtue as using social shame as a means of silencing your political opposition.  But, thanks in large part to the successful campaign of President Donald Trump, the power of that social shaming is diminishing daily.

Stories like this just help hasten the demise of that one trick progressives had to get their way when pesky facts, once again, interfere with their agenda.