If you want to understand the nature of your enemy, just look at who runs with them. In this case, the progressives have a coven of witches imagining that the power of demons can overecome the power of Christ.
While witches cast curses, Christians in the millions prayed blessings on the President. How do you think that will work out for the progressives?

Some witches gathered outside Trump Tower in New York but couldn’t attract a crowd, reports Daily Mail.
However, witches from around the world posted pictures of the rituals with the hashtag #bindtrump. The Facebook group Bind Trump has also been set up.
Witches from around the world gathered Friday at midnight to “cast a spell” on President Donald Trump, and plan to perform the same ritual at midnight on every waning crescent moon until the president “is removed from office.”

Source: Witches Launch Facebook Group to ‘Bind’ President Trump by Praying to Demons