The Trump Revolution

The left have deep pockets in their arsenal, and such obscene luminaries as David Brock of Media Matters have even been equipped with a full-fledged war room to marshal their minions against us. Their stated goals aside, the effect of their agenda is a loss of freedom for everyday Americans and the effective nullification of religious freedom along with the wanton murder of the unborn in the name of “reproductive health.”

You want to vocally support our President and you want to resist this war on your freedom. This means that we have to be present, vocal, and in the faces of the left every time they demonstrate, speak against, or try to impede the Trump Revolution. We are the only ones who can have Trump’s back.  We are the only ones who can show up and confront the leftist juggernaut that is well-funded by billionaires and that has the unquestioned loyal support of the fake news media. 

Our aims are fourfold-

We will support and provide a platform for Trump supporters to gather, cooperate, and activate their own initiatives and ideas andndherents meet fellow Trump Revolution supporters.

We will create a proprietary platform that allows for off the record, private discussions as well as the ability of members to publish their own content and push it to other social media platforms all in support of the Trump Agenda in general. We have have a partner who is able to do this and, eventually, as we gain the financial backing of subscribers and sponsors, we will replace what we have now with this new platform.

We will create a disciplined and coherent cyber army of supporters who can be mobilized to advance the Trump Agenda and fight resistance at every level. This effectively means we want to be able to mobilize 500 people on the ground with signs if needed anywhere in the country within 48 hours, it means we should be able to mobilize 100,000 or more people around the country to take action on the street or online, and it means we will have online action teams to deal with a myriad of issues and track and counter numerous opposition entities including the fake news media.

We will provide up to the minute news and information useful to you, a Trump supporter, that helps counter a false media narrative and thay keeps you abreast of the battle on the front lines, from the White House to your hometown.

You want to stick your finger in the left’s eye and protect our revolution from their attacks. So how can you be part this? Soon, you will be able to become a monthly subscriber to The Trump Revolution. We will offer member-only bulletin boards for frank and confidential discussions, a voice in our priorities, access to special training to be effective in your own efforts, and content just for you. Subscriptions will be only $5 per month for the basic package. We will also offer a $15 and $45 per month package. 

Volunteers who accept a leadership role or who form a group will be given access for free. In fact, all are welcome to use our growing platform to launch their own groups or efforts in conjunction with the overall Trunp Agenda. Most of what we offer will be free, but we do have to make this financially self-sustaining.

If you own a business or an organization you can sponsor us. If you want to sponsor this platform but wish to keep your identity private we are partly owned by a media company that can provide you with  marketing on other platforms. Marketing is tax-deductible.

We will have sponsorship packages available soon. These include sponsorships ranging from $125 to $45o per month.

Whether you volunteer, subscribe, or sponsor this platform, we appreciate your efforts to come together and fight back against the left and their war on freedom!

For now, simply subscribe for free to receive updates from The Trump Revolution, you will learn how you can volunteer, subscribe, or sponsor us as we proceed forward to victory over the left and its war on your freedom!