When liberals get caught doing what liberals do, there’s bound to be violations of law. Case in point? A Liberal activist, working for Ohio Organizing Collaborative as a canvasser, plead guilty to…wait for it….VOTER FRAUD. But maybe voter fraud is fake news? Hardly…..

That thing the left says doesn’t happen happened again.
Despite the persistent claim by those on the left that voter fraud doesn’t exist, a liberal activist from Ohio pleaded guilty to 14 counts of voter fraud on Monday. Rebecca A. Hammonds, who was originally charged with 35 counts, was sentenced to six months in prison….
“It was fraud. It was dozens of forms where people that were deceased or just forged flat out,” said Adam Booth, Columbiana County elections director. “They signed their name and it wasn’t even the voter, the wrong date of birth, wrong streets.”
Booth said the criminal was caught in the fraud scam because his officer took the right precautions, making sure “all the information matches up, from their first name, middle name, last name, to all the identifiers.”

Source: Liberal Activist Pleads Guilty To 14 Counts Of Voter Fraud—That Thing The Left Says Doesn’t Happen | Daily Wire