The Radical Gay Coalition is Still not Happy with President Trump’s Consistent Pro-Gay Positions

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Donald Trump is the first President in American History to have been for legalizing gay marriage BEFORE he was ever elected to public office.  As a matter of fact, he supported legalizing gay marriage long before it was ever popular to have that position.

Despite that fact, groups that use Gay Rights as a shield to conceal their true agenda, to destroy any vestige of tradition marriage and family, have been using the rhetoric of fear and hate to attempt to convince homosexuals, and those who wish to let people live the lives of their own choosing, that Donald Trump will fundamentally threaten their lives.

On Tuesday, January 31st, President Trump signaled he has no plans to roll back FORMER President Obama’s executive orders that offer federal workplace protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.

The statement read, in part, “President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election.  The president is proud to have been the first ever GOP nominee to mention the LGBTQ community in his nomination acceptance speech, pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression.”

However, this support of basic rights extended to all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc is NOT enough for the Radical Gay Coalitions, with Human Rights Campaign being perhaps one of the most offensive and militant of groups that falls into this category.

HRC President Chad Griffin said of Trump that he “has left the key question unanswered — will he commit to opposing any executive actions that allow government employees, taxpayer-funded organizations or even companies to discriminate?”

Remember folks, when anti-liberty people like this, card-carrying members of the Progressive Hate Machine, use words like discrimination, what they really mean is that you MUST ACCEPT, embrace homosexuality and transgenderism.  To even dare THINK that such lifestyle choices are not “good” choices could put you in the crosshairs of this Progressive Hate Machine, the HRC.

From my perspective, I embrace the live and let live policy and have no issue whatsoever with individuals doing whatever they choose to do, so long as they are not directly harming me.  Where my support of “gay rights” stops is where YOU begin to impose YOUR preferences on me, demanding that I approve, else face the government gun.