Progressive Party Press Declares War on Trump, More Firings on the Way, Finding Dory Votes Progressive, and Attacking Melania.

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Reuters To Cover Trump Like He’s a Dictator

Reuters Declares Open War Against Trump

Steve Adler of Reuters Sends Letter to Staff Instructing them to Cover Trump like they do China or Zimbabwe


Reuters Editor-In-Chief Steve Adler felt compelled to write a special message to his staff about how to cover Trump “the Reuters Way.”

Ellen DeGeneres Uses Finding Dory to Attack Trump

Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres Used Her Hollywood Platform to Virtue Signal Her Support for Open Borders


Ellen DeGeneres went full political on her show on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017.  She used her Hollywood Platform to virtue signal to her Hollywood, Progressive audience her opposition to President Trump’s temporary travel ban on seven countries, all identified by FORMER President Obama as being countries “of risk” to American security.

CA Senator Calls for Melania Trump’s Work Visa Papers

CA Senator Nancy Skinner Trolls Melania Trump Because Feelz


From the State flagship of the Progressive Hate Machine, California, comes this bit of trolling from a Democratic State Senator named Nancy Skinner.  She’s upset at the President’s stance against cities that violate Federal laws, so-called Sanctuary Cities.

Trump to Fire More Career Bureaucrats

Trump Aid Says Expect Plenty More Firings After Yates

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes says don’t be surprised by more firings of people who have openly stated their plans to undermine President Trump’s policies


Trump Aid, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 4 One on January 31st, 2017 that you might expect more firings from President Trump over the coming days and weeks..

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