Back in 1912-13, when the idea of a national income tax was being floated in the form of the 16th Amendment, one concern raised was this would give the federal government power over the churches in the form of taxes. Church leaders were needed to help get this amendment passed.
So, a compromise was agreed upon, giving churches tax exempt status.
40 years later, in 1954, the so-called Johnson amendment was passed that hampered churches from participating in the political process, the so-called political muzzle was placed on churches that wished to keep their tax exempt status.
The amendment gets its name from the man who introduced it, Lyndon Baines Johnson, the man behind the so-called “war on poverty.”
If Donald Trump has his way, this amendment will be shut down and the original ‘agreement’ to churches supporting the 13th Amendment will be restored.
Ralph Benko writes at length on this in Forbes, which you can read by clicking the link below.

President Trump, at the National Prayer Breakfast, attracted some media coverage with his declaration that he would fulfill his campaign promise to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment. That is a provision of the tax code prohibiting religious bodies and nonprofits from engaging in politics. This law had been pushed through by then U.S. Senator, later president, Lyndon Baines Johnson as, according to the New York Times, a political bludgeon against a rival candidate.
Trump sounded a clear trumpet.
Left-leaning commentators expressed trepidation.
Not so fast!
One if by Land, Two if by Sea! These words were coined by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem immortalizing the “midnight ride” of Paul Revere. Revere rode to warn the Americans of the British troops headed to what would enter history as the first military action in the War of Independence, the “Battle of Lexington and Concord.”
As it happens, the signal lanterns were raised in the steeple of Boston’s Old North Church. One could therefore well and truly say that America was born in a confluence of Church and State.
Source: Trump’s Promise To Totally Destroy The ‘Johnson Amendment’ Is A Good One