Trump Aid Says Expect Plenty More Firings After Yates

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes says don’t be surprised by more firings of people who have openly stated their plans to undermine President Trump’s policies

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, Attorney General Yates, Firings BBC Radio 4

Trump Aid, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 4 One on January 31st, 2017 that you might expect more firings from President Trump over the coming days and weeks.

The Progressive Party Press has been in a fake uproar over the firing of former acting Attorney General Yates.  Dr Halper-Hayes challenged what she called the “liberal media” for their efforts to somehow paint this firing as “apparent chaos.”

Halper-Hayes pointed out that it was not all “unusual” for this President to fire an acting Attorney General that had not only refused to carry out the President’s order, but had commanded the whole Justice Department to do the same.

The proper move for then-acting Attorney General Yates would have been to resign, not to blatantly disregard orders.  But instead, Yates chose a grandstanding path, a path I wouldn’t’ be surprised was orchestrated between her and the Progressive Party Press, waiting for another “controversy” to attempt to delegitimize a President who is dismantling everything the Progressive Hate Machine has worked so hard in building up.

Halper-Hayes said of the firings to come, “I expect quite a few more because there are 20, at least 20 to 30 per cent of career service individuals who have said they’re either thinking about retiring, quitting, that they will thwart his policies.  And the fact of the matter is that the other career individuals in the Justice Department had approved this.”

Dr. Halper-Hayes said about the firing of Yates, “I do not think that it is dramatic.  Yes, if it had been Obama, if it had been Clinton, if it had been someone else, but really, I think we’re going to see a lot more of this.”

We look forward to the firing of the members of the Progressive Hate Machine  It’s not enough to win elections against these types of ideologues, you must remove them completely from any semblance of power and make the very name progressive synonymous with hate, because that’s what it is.