After the San Jose police decided that arresting violent leftist thugs who were hunting and assaulting Trump supporters because they didn’t want to make them angry, the supporters decided to sue the police department. And now that lawsuit will go forward as fellow deplorables seek to hold the Progressive Hate Machine accountable for its violent actions against efforts to Make America Great Again.

….Harmeet Dhillon is the attorney representing the assaulted plaintiffs. She was also present at the rally.
“Citizens ranging from their teens to their 70s were assaulted, abused, chased, hunted, and terrorized in a situation for which the city is responsible, and must now answer,” Dhillon told LifeZette. “This lawsuit seeks to vindicate the principle that every American — regardless of his or her political beliefs — is entitled to equal protection of the laws, and to the rights of free speech and free assembly, particularly in the support of their candidate of choice.”

Source: Judge Upholds Trump Supporters’ Right To Sue San Jose For Failing To Protect Them