A couple from Chicago that openly supported President Trump during the election is being bullied and harassed by the Progressive Hate Machine for daring to vote to Make America Great Again. The couple, Suzanne Monk and Alexander Duvel, went on Fox News to share their story of bullying that might just cause them to close their store down.

Suzanne Monk and her husband Aexander Duvel own Worlds Of Music Chicago, and they are being forced to shut down the brick and mortar part of their business and go completely online. Why, you ask? Well, because liberals pretend to be compassionate, but so many of them are miserable, frigid-hearted bullies who want to completely destroy other people because they despise their own lives so much.
That’s the gist in a nutshell, anyway.
The couple started being bullied by leftist nutjobs right after Suzanne had the audacity to say out loud (the horror!) that she was disappointed that a Trump rally was cancelled last summer. And then she went on to say (again, out loud OMG) that she attended a Trump rally at the University of Illinois.
That’s where the crazy began from the left. They started receiving “online threats, ratings wars, just called every name in the book online, YouTube harassment, and recently, what (they’ve) found is that they’re actually even talking to other musicians and threatening people who would do business with us who didn’t even vote for Trump. So, it’s kind of a tragic situation.”

Source: Chicago Couple Who Openly Supported Trump Is Being Forced To Shut Down Their Business. Because LIBERAL TOLERANCE. – Chicks On The Right