Today’s date is January 29th, 2017, Day 10 of the Trump Revolution.  On this Sunday Edition, Taliban Try to Intimidate Trump, The Muslim Brotherhood Question, and Border Patrol, Ice Agents Happy.

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Taliban Tell Trump to Leave Afghanistan or Else

Taliban Claim Victory in Afghanistan and Warn Trump He Best Leave


The Taliban took it upon themselves to leave a nice letter to our new President, Donald Trump.  In the letter, released by Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, they said, “Independence from foreign dominance is ‘the only asset’ an impoverished nation like Afghanistan truly has.”

Border Patrol, ICE Agents Thank Trump

Trump is big hit with Border Patrol and ICE


The Border Patrol and ICE Agent Unions weren’t shy about expressing their gratitude of the changes President Donald Trump has made recently in immigration law.

Trump Team Debates Labeling Muslim Brotherhood a Terror Org

Donald Trump to consider designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization


Reuters ran a report recently claiming there is a division in the Trump Administration over whether to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization.

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