Robert Reich Tells Dems not to Legitimize Trump by Voting on His SCOTUS Nominee

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Robert Reich, Neil Gorsuch, SCOTUS, SCOTUS Nominee, Supreme Court Nominee, Donald Trump

Robert Reich, the alleged economist and former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, is calling on Democrats to not even consider a vote for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, until his own Presidency is legitimized.  That’s right, Robert Reich is doing his part to fan the flames of violence that we are starting to see from the well-funded goon arms of Soros on our streets.

Reich stated in his article in Salon, “Don’t get caught up in the predictable brawl over Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch’s credentials or his ideology. That normalizes the Trump presidency.  Instead, there should be no vote on Gorsuch’s nomination until Trump’s legitimacy as a president is established.  Which means the Senate intelligence committee and the FBI must first conclude that Russian operatives were not responsible for Trump’s electoral victory, and Trump must reveal his taxes and put his assets into a blind trust.”

I sincerely hope that Democrats actually take his advice and go down this suicidal path this man is heading them down.  Nothing would please me more than to see the cancer that is progressivism burn itself up in flames.