This is what you do when you win an election, GOP-Style. You conduct investigations chasing conspiracies based on fake news that goes after your guy while you do nothing to go after REAL evidence of actual criminal activity by your opponents.
Once again, the GOP is proving that it is no friend to President Trump and has NO INTENTION to work to Make America Great Again. Finally, President Trump is noticing it with these two quotes that ask the question, why are you not investigating Hillary?

While Senators like Richard Burr (R-NC) are probing the Trump administration over alleged collusions with Russia with absolutely no evidence to do so, they have allowed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to walk free and even engage a presidential campaign for the White House with known and well-documented criminal activity. Now, President Donald Trump is asking why they are looking into him and not the Clintons.

Source: President Trump Wants to Know why Intelligence Committee isn’t Looking into Clintons – Freedom Outpost