Trump Supporter, AR15, Gun Rights, Thug, Donald Trump, Trump Revolution

It goes without saying that we’re big time 2nd Amendment supporters.  But when you use your gun to intimidate people, to threaten people, for whatever reason, your rights end.  This is exactly what happened recently when another rabid anti-Trumper confronted a Trump supporter with Pro-Trump signs on his truck.  The thug decided that he didn’t like those signs, and pulled his AR15 on the Trump supporter.


Every day, these denizens of hate spew more lies, more demonetizations, with no regard for the violence they have already inspired and the violence they will continue to inspire.  These are the same people that want to determine speech they disagree with as being hate speech.  Well, friends, and I use that term loosely, hate speech is protected speech, but speech that incites people to violence, speech that leads to murder, assault, and more, that speech is actually NOT protected speech.
Had this man done more than rip a sign off a Trump supporter’s truck, and blood been shed, people like Meryl Streep, Sheppard Smith, news outlets like CNN, Associated Press, these people would have blood on their hands, and they already do.

We don’t know the result of this video, but we encourage anyone who might recognize the terrorist in this video to turn him in to the police.  We support gun rights, but this is a man who should not have a gun.  He has clearly demonstrated he is NOT a responsible gun owner.  And the people, the progressive party press that inspired this man?  They committed the crimes he committed.  They caused the terror he caused.