1 Million Anti-Brit Brits Sign Petition to Ban President Trump from Visiting Country

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A petition started in Great Britain has garnered over a million signatures from the British Public.  That petition demands that Great Britain ban President Donald Trump from entering the country.  President Trump is scheduled to visit British Prime Minister Theresa May in the upcoming weeks and the Brits, well, probably the same Brits that wanted to stay in the EU, don’t want him to come.

So they started an online petition that has garnered over 1 million signatures and now they’re all congratulating each other over their American bigotry and their suicidal tendencies.

First, this special brand of Fish and Chips snowflakes thought it would be a great idea to continue to have the British Economy run by Germany through the EU, and NOW they think it would be a swell idea for Great Britain to alienate and separate from its number one trading party and closest ally, the United States of America.

We are positively chuffed at all the attention these Fish and Chips snowflakes are drawing to their own suicidal ideology.  But, Fish and Chips snowflakes, we’ve sussed you out, mates, you’re not protesting against racism and bigotry, you’re protesting against your own culture, your own country.
Your petition should be taken as a suicide note, and nothing more, and, thankfully, the rest of Britain won’t buy your virtue-signaling feelz attempts to drive a whole nation to suicide with you.