The Establishment Media’s heads darn near exploded when Sean Spicer began his first press conference by not calling on the traditional first choice of White House Press Briefings.  Spicer called on a reporter from the NY Post rather than the elites’ favorite source for fake news, the Associated Press.

The hurt feelz of the elite journos was almost as good as the liberal tears just after President Trump won.

Here are just a couple reactions:
David Burge Iowa Hawk Blog

A sad day indeed at the WH press room Cool Kids Table

Lesley Clark- McClatchey

NY Post, not the @AP as tradition has dictated, gets the first question at @PressSec briefing.

New York Times writer Mike Grynbaum caught an ever bigger trend through those first few questions:
Priorities, Day 1: Spicer calls on NY Post, CBN, Univision, Fox News. So far top newspapers & broadcast networks shut out.

Olivia Nuzzi of the Daily Beast got a little bit more explicit and showed how these elite journos really think of anyone but one of their own progressive-party approved mouthpieces getting recognized by the White House:
John Smith from the F^$%head Times would get called on by Spicer before a reporter from the Washington Post or CNN.
Stay classy, Beasties!

We are just delighted that Spicer sent this strong message to the progressive party press, your time is over, our time is now.