Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe, Stephen Colbert, MSNBC, Late Show, Progressive Party Press

Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, a show on one of the Progressive Party Press’s networks, NBC, proved what many of us already know, there are card-carrying members of the progressive hate machine on BOTH sides of the aisle.  In this case, self-professed Republican Joe Scarborough went into the den of progressive iniquity known as Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and fed his progressive friends the kind of hate they love to feed off of.

This is why we have risen up, in part, to route the progressives not just in the democratic party, but also the ones infesting and taking up unwanted space in the republican party.

There is a lot in this virtue signalling, white knighting extremism demonstrated by Joe Scarborough to cover, including the usual digs on White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway, and a declaration that President Trump surrounds himself by yes people, but we’re going to focus on the most extreme examples of Joe’s attempts to get progressive plaudits.

After slandering Kellyanne Conway and declaring that Morning Joe is really Morning Mika, Joe went on to demonstrate how progressive he is when Stephen Colbert asked him, “You call him Mr. President, right?  Even I say Mr. President.”

Joe chose to never answer the question, instead he went into a tirade, saying, “I’m a Republican and I’m a conservative…when he’s not doing what he should be doing, we should stand up [to him]. It’s incumbent upon my party to speak out… when he does things like challenge the rights to a free press.

Somehow I doubt if the question had included the name Barack Hussein Obama instead of President Donald Trump, Joe Scarborough’s answer would be significantly different.

And I can understand why it would be so hard for him to call him Mr President, after all, he’s installed people into power who will fundamentally undo the progressive machine that this RINO secretly, and sometimes not so secretly wants to preserve, things like Obamacare, Common Core, Overreguation, Hampering the Energy Industry.  What else could he mean when he says that the first month makes it even harder for him to call Donald Trump Mr. President?

Hey Joe, how has he in any way, shape or form challenged the right to a free press?  Is it now the right of the media not to be called on fake news?  You just actually demonstrated your willingness to apply fake news in that statement.  Not only did you push a fake news story JUST NOW, claiming President Trump was challenging the right to a free press, you ALSO pushed the fake news story that you’re a conservative republican.  Hardly, Joe, you’re a progressive mole in the republican party, you’re part of the Progressive Party Press that demonstrates, every day, just as you did in this interview, that YOU are an enemy of the people and YOU mean to infringe on OUR RIGHTS to be free.

Lastly, Joe “the progressive mole” Scarborough got in a last dig when he added that Republicans “are going to be judged for the next 50 years on how they’ve responded” to Trump.  No, Joe, YOU will be judged on how YOU chose to serve the progressive hate machine, so you could get a few cheap cheers and make your progressive allies happy.

But, at the end of the day, those friends of yours, given half the chance, will still spit you out like chewed bubble gum the moment you no longer serve to amuse them and push their agenda of hate, of anti-humanity, of anti-liberty.

Have you no decency, Joe?  Apparently not.