So my wife and I were watching a documentary on Winston Churchill a few days ago.  Learning of the events surrounding Churchill’s ascendancy to the Prime Minister position, she opined that it appeared to her like the story of how Donald Trump became our 45th President.  Churchill was not the first choice of the Conservative Party establishment.  When Churchill and his war cabinet arrived at the House of Commons to give his first speech as Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who remained part of the cabinet and head of the Conservative Party until his death in November, 1940 received a raucous ovation from the MPs whereas Churchill was received coolly.

My missus, unlike myself, is apolitical yet she was able to see similarities between 1940 and the present.  Winston Churchill repeatedly sounded the clarion call against Adolf Hitler and Nazism during the 1930s.  It was only after war was declared and Britain imperiled was Winston Churchill called upon at the right moment, saving the western world from the dawn of a new, terrible dark age.

The American people have been seduced by the siren song of liberalism and its empty promises for many decades.  For far too long conservatives have been typecast as villains who only cared about the wealthy, were hard-hearted towards the plight of the poor and working class, ambivalent towards the middle class and were complicit in the ongoing racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, ageism (insert any “ism” you wish to conclude here) keeping America’s disparate minority groups downtrodden and taken advantage of.  Then along came Donald J. Trump.

Not to liken President Trump with Prime Minister Churchill and the Left to Adolf Hitler and his jack-booted thugs (although the comparison can be made but we’ll leave that to another time) but Americans are just coming off of eight years of being told that its best days were behind it.  We had to atone for becoming wealthy and a superpower at other’s expense.  American Exceptionalism was no different than the English or the Greeks believing their respective countries are exceptional.  One sixth of the economy was commandeered by the Federal Government in a bill that had to be passed in order for us to learn what was in it.  Entrepreneurs, who strive to earn a part of the American Dream were told that despite their hard work they didn’t build that.  Faced with the same old same old that would have only continued the downward spiral into a perpetual malaise, Americans rose up en masse and exclaimed “Enough is enough!”

We now have a president that is not of the long-established political class and they are most definitely not happy about it!  We all have front row seats to what’s shaping up to be the mother of all battles. Donald Trump and his team are now fully engaged in a multi-faceted war against not only the usual suspects i.e. the Democrats and its polyglot of interest groups such as statists, advocates that the downtrodden remain so, pro-death abortionists, big businesses that pay protection money so that the Left leaves them alone and the fourth estate which, instead of reporting the impartial Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? instead seeks to “speak truth to power” (by the way, their bald attempts to bolster the failed and disastrous campaign of Hillary Clinton or as I call her Lady Macbeth sans Conscience have left the media completely without any shred of credibility and Hollywood celebrities, whose self-righteous musings lecturing us on the virtues of we little people remaining beholden to the edicts put forth by those who know better than us in Washington (many of them promised to go into self-imposed exile if Donald Trump were to be elected – why haven’t they left yet?) but also establishment Republicans.  The McConnells, McCains and Grahams, so called Republicans, have proven themselves enemies of the Trump Revolution.

So what will come of this?  Well, I am anxious to see what the final version of the American Health Care Act will look like.  The Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable nor caring, is universally recognized as an unmitigated disaster and was intended to be so, witness the candid remarks of Jonathan Gruber.  As an aside, is it any wonder that such a reprehensible creature as Dr. Gruber has become a CNN political commentator?  Along with the nailing of the coffin of Obamacare, I look forward to the completion of that big, beautiful wall along the southern border, a return to fiscal sanity, a rolling back of job crushing regulations, a rebuilding of our military (George Washington counseled “In times of peace, prepare for war.” not as a warmonger but rather a guarantor of peace).  Speaking of peace, I look forward to the complete annihilation to the true evil in our times, ISIS and other adherents of radical, Islamic terrorism.

Donald Trump has caused the Democratic Party to lose its mind.  From their puerile utterances and costume making at the Million Woman March, their behavior during President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress to their continued insistence that somehow it was the Russians who interfered in our election leading to Trump’s victory last November.  Their collective lunacy has been entertaining to witness.  It is my wish that with each successive President Trump victory they will continue their histrionics as the damage their policies have long wrought continue to be undone.

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