As usual, House Speaker Paul Ryan is demonstrating his committment to obstruct the Trump agenda. This time, he’s pledging to put funding the promised wall between the US and Mexico on hold until at least next year.

Speaker Paul Ryan is vowing that Congress won’t let the federal government shut down at the end of April and says lawmakers will pass a package that will fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year, through September.
“We’re not gonna have a government shutdown,” the Wisconsin Republican said in an interview that aired Thursday with“CBS This Morning” host Norah O’Donnell. “The president doesn’t want to have a government shutdown. It’s funding the government from April 28 to September 30.”
Congress must pass a new spending package by April 28 or the government will shut down. Last year, lawmakers twice delayed the passage of 2017 funding in order to give the Trump White House more control over spending levels. The government is currently running on funding from fiscal 2016, which ended last September.

Source: Paul Ryan suggests Congress will delay border wall funding until next year – CBS News