Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova made a not so subtle veiled threat to FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama and, by extension, the Deep State Operatives Obama left behind to attempt to sabotage President Donald Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again.
In a press conference, Zahkarova warned the Deep-State leakers within the American government that if they continue, the next leak might come from Russia, and it won’t be good for their former (and current?) boss, Barack Hussein Obama.
Zakharova said, “As I said, such cases in our relations with the US Department of State have become a bad tradition over the past few years. So, I can say in response to your question that we will make the date and format of contacts between the Russian and US foreign ministers public after we coordinate them. We won’t keep them quiet. At this point, I don’t have any information I can share with you. I can say that this visit and such contacts are possible in principle, but it would be premature to talk about timeframes.
Also, I would like to say that if the practice of leaking information that concerns not just the United States but also Russia, which has become a tradition in Washington in the past few years, continues, there will come a day when the media will publish leaks about the things that Washington asked us to keep secret, for example, things that happened during President Obama’s terms in office. Believe me, this could be very interesting information.
Our American colleagues must decide if they respect the diplomatic procedure, if they keep their word on the arrangements made between us, primarily arrangements made at their own request, or we create a few very nice surprises for each other.”
Earlier in the conference, she had some not-so-nice things to say about one of the bulwarks of the Deep State’s propaganda efforts, the Progressive Party Press’s CNN.
She said, “We keep talking about CNN. Unfortunately, this is becoming commonplace for this television channel. They are approaching the moment of truth. All of us know about the political leanings of the CNN TV channel and the civic position of its employees. It is necessary to distinguish between the civic position, electoral activity and propaganda and involvement in the domestic political competition, which, in principle, undermines the democratic foundations of a state that has openly told the whole world that it will spread democracy to the most remote corners of the globe. Current developments obviously highlight the subjective bias of media outlets and their involvement in political games and blackmail. In fact, this has gone beyond games: it is blackmail plain and simple. All of this certainly deals a huge blow to the pillars of democracy.”
Source: Брифинг официального представителя МИД России М.В.Захаровой, Москва, 23 марта 2017 года – Новости – Министерство иностранных дел Российской Федерации