The one part of the NSA spying on Trump that no one seems to dispute is the efforts by the NSA to track computers in Trump Tower that were allegedly connected to a Russian bank. Well the bank itself is coming out swinging, and demanding the Department of Justice, led by Obama operative Loretta Lynch at the time of the spying, to put up or shut up.
So long as James Comey is heading the FBI, however, one questions how much can get done with this Obama plant still allowed to operate freely in the Trump Cabinet.

Alfa Bank, the Russian bank at the center of the Trump Tower – Russia server controversy, has informed the U.S. government that recent communications between a server related to President Trump’s businesses and the bank may be the work of hackers to stir-up political controversy, Circa reports.
Speaking with Sean on his radio program Thursday, Sara Carter -one of the authors of the Circa report- outlined the key developments.
“Alfa Bank is asking for the Justice Department to investigate what they believe is a significant cyber-hack in to their bank to make it appear as though the Trump server was communicating with them,” Carter said. “They said emphatically they had no communication with this Trump server, and their investigation reveals that they had been cyber hacked.”

Source: Russian Bank Says Trump Tower Server Connection is a Hoax, Asks DOJ for Help | The Sean Hannity Show