Rush Limbaugh took a call from a Canadian who outlined a strategy to hurt the Progressive Party Press, to change the way cable companies can bill their customers. Instead of being forced to pay for packages, cable customers would be able to buy “a la carte,” meaning Progressive Party Press Cable News Outlets like CNN and MSNBC wouldn’t get paid in those bundled deals like they do now, meaning these progressive shills would actually have to EARN their audience, and thus their revenue.

CALLER: Well, I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while, a way to limit media influence. You know, Canada passed a law a few years ago prohibiting cable companies from bundling their stations. Like in New York, for instance, I want the YES Network, I have (unintelligible) Yankees are on, I have to take everything. (Unintelligible) to get the max amount of programming, almost every station just to get that one channel. So, if it was offered a la carte, I think that would have a big impact on cleaning up cable TV, just drop MSNBC —
RUSH: It is interesting that you say this because doing show prep today, I encountered a story by a guy named John Nolte, and I think — I don’t remember where the piece was published. He may have his own website. I think I’ve heard of him. I know I have. I know I’ve mentioned his name before, but it’s exactly what you’re talking about, John. His theory, his premise was how to destroy CNN.
And he said, “Look, folks, CNN doesn’t have any audience already. So driving down their audience is not the way to do it. The way to damage CNN is to take money away from them.” So he asked the question: If CNN has a small audience — and they do. They’re now behind MSNBC. A national cable network with a cume audience of under a million total persons through much of the day, it’s embarrassing. And yet CNN doesn’t care. Well, I say they don’t care; I’m sure they’d be hoping to reach more people. But the problem is, the fact is they are still earning money as though they have an audience of 70 million. And it’s exactly because of what John’s talking about here.
They’re on cable. They’re a cable network. And, as such, they get a fixed amount of money per subscriber from every — it’s the Daily Wire. That’s right. It’s Ben Shapiro’s place. We talked about this with ESPN and how they’re hurting. ESPN has the highest subscriber rates in all of cable TV. ESPN is paid by cable companies around the country almost $7 per subscriber, before they sell a single commercial.
Even people that don’t watch ESPN are paying that because they’re buying a basic cable tier or maybe a bundle package here, a bundle package there. And as long as CNN is in one of the bundles, they get whatever their subscription fee is. And I think in CNN’s case, wild guess, I think CNN’s around $1.50, $1.75, two bucks. I mean, ESPN’s way, way, way above anybody else. So his theory was the way to really hurt CNN, because the advertising agencies are gonna still throw money at CNN ’cause they’re all liberals and they’re gonna give them money no matter what just because of, you know, ideological support and unity.

Source: Will Cord Cutting Kill CNN and MSNBC? | The Rush Limbaugh Show