Reuters Declares Open War Against Trump

Steve Adler of Reuters Sends Letter to Staff Instructing them to Cover Trump like they do China or Zimbabwe

Reuters, Steve Adler, Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler, Reuters Way

Reuters Editor-In-Chief Steve Adler felt compelled to write a special message to his staff about how to cover Trump “the Reuters Way.”

Adler started off complaining about President Donald Trump calling out the media for being the Progressive Party Press that it is (note the crickets when FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama went after Fox News and other not-so-friendly-to-progressives media).

He whined, “It’s not every day that a U.S. president calls journalists ;among the most dishonest human beings on earth” or that his chief strategist dubs the media “the opposition party.’ It’s hardly surprising that the air is thick with questions and theories about how to cover the new Administration.”

In other words, folks, this man means to expose us as the journalistic hacks, the Progressive Party Press, that we really are and we have to do something to destroy this man, BUT we can’t be obvious about it because then we’d confirm the truth, that we really are the opposition party’s press.

He lays out some of the thoughts that Progressive Party Press folks are having, like possibly boycotting his briefings.  He says of some of those ideas that “they may be right for some news operations.”

But, because these guys are the more noble Progressive Party Press, he has a better plan.  You see, according to this journo hack, “We already know what to do because we do it every day, and we do it all over the world.”

Wait for it folks, because the “payoff” is coming.  He points out that they are used to reporting in countries where the “media is unwelcome and frequently under attack.”  He goes on to cite some of those countries as “Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia, nations in which we sometimes encounter some combination of censorship, legal prosecution, visa denials, and even physical threats to our journalists.”

This is the category that this Progressive Party Press Hack is now putting our President, Donald Trump, who dares to expose this organ of propaganda for the Progressive Party for what it is.

He warns his fellow journo hacks that, “We don’t know yet how sharp the Trump administration’s attacks will be over time or to what extent those attacks will be accompanied by legal restrictions on our news-gathering. But we do know that we must follow the same rules that govern our work anywhere…”

There have been NO MENTIONS of legal restrictions on news gathering in America, none.  To fill his staff with such baseless fears further illustrates the exact point that President Trump has been making.

Think about it, one of the charges that first came out of the progressive camp was that any news outlet not part of the progressive family was somehow “fake news.”  As would be natural, the folks outside of that progressive family quickly exposed the REAL fake news, and it’s coming from media outlets like Reuters, ABC News, CNN, Associated Press, etc.

Here you have in this missive from the Chief Editor of Reuters a bit of ACTUAL fake news, a baseless charge that there might be legal restrictions on news gathering in America.

Ironically, given the fake news item he’s included in this letter, this Journo hack states as a capper, “When we hear rumors, we track them down and report them only when we are confident that they are factual.”  You do realize you are actually spreading a rumor WHILE you’re saying you don’t spread rumors.

The reason this Progressive Operative felt compelled to write this epistle to his journo pals in Reuters is that he needed to telegraph very clearly, from the top, that the war against Trump was fully on, BUT BE CAREFUL to not appear to be engaging in an agit prop war, a war not meant to provide people with information to form their own opinions, but one meant to fundamentally undermine and hinder President Donald Trump and his administration.

The Progressive Party Press means to step up its assault against anyone who opposes their hopes and dreams of controlling your lives, of forcing you to act and think as they do.  Whatever they THINK they can get away with, they’ll do.

This, in part, is why we are here at the Trump Revolution, to fight back against their assaults, to get REAL information out, to expose the efforts of an enemy that seeks nothing short than destroying your liberty and your beliefs.