1. The Repeal and Replace Obamacare Efforts are not dead, says some House GOP Leadership, even as others say they’re not aware of those efforts. Is Repal and Replace dead or is there an effort to be made to introduce new legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare?

If nothing else, this story at least produced a stellar quote from GOPer Greg Walden: “We’re approaching the Easter season. Some things rise from the dead.”
Given the quality of the product the first go-round, though, the resurrection here is likely to be less “Easter” and more “Pet Sematary.” But don’t get too excited either way: This sounds more like a messaging campaign — “we’re still trying!” — than a serious effort to bring something back to the table.
Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, who helped derail the bill, have been talking with some Republican moderate holdouts in an effort to identify changes that could bring them on board with the measure…
Asked if the GOP health bill will come up again, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “Yes. As soon as we figure it out and get the votes.”
A Republican leadership aide said there are currently no plans to vote on any health-care legislation this week, next week or over a weekend…
Other Republicans said they’re unaware of any plans to act on health care, and the remaining disagreements on the measure could be very difficult to resolve.

Source: Second time’s the charm: House GOP may rework and vote on failed health-care bill after all « Hot Air