Obamacare repeal and replace under way

America has a new Secretary of Health of Human Services, a man who the regressive left fears will dismantle Obamacare and free millions from their state controlled “health marketplaces” which have been so disastrous for American workers. The party line vote is unusual, but the regressives are not playing fair, and they have no regard for civility or decorum, as they launch sensational, even conspiratorial, charges at every nominee, as if everyone who is not toeing their party line is a racist or worse.

This is why we protested during the Tea Party! Our slogan was “Taxed Enough Already”, and Obamacare is a TAX on health care that makes America sick! With Secretary Orice at HHS leading the charge for President Trump, repeal and replace is well under way!

Secretary Price used to head up the Republican Study Committee in the House, and he is quite well-versed in the legerdemain of getting laws written and passed. He is also deeply committed to restoring health care and expanding the availability and access to healthy care for all Americas, a fact Democrats deny in their shrill detestation of anything short of a neo-soviet approach to the economy. But with this confirmation, the real work of dismantling the health care debacle known as Obamacare, and replacing it with a common sense reform that truly uplifts all Americans is well under way.

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