While we have no doubt that Linda Sarsour, the Islamo-Fascist woman behind the hate-filled, profanity-filled, pornography-filled women’s march in DC, was aching to get arrested so she could post a martyr-crediting selfie on Twitter, we still delight in seeing this woman in a police van, handcuffed.
The radical lefist and Islamo-Fascist, with suspected ties to terror organizations like Hamas, was arrested yesterday, March 8th, after organizing a thug-like protest around Trump Tower, meant to disrupt the everyday business of the Tower.
They knew their actions would get them arrested, and it did. Now, the question is whether this well-financed progressive insurgent will face any serious charges or whether the NY Police, in the employ of Marxist Mayor Bill DeBlasio, will do anything but “catch and release” her and her band of thugs.
As a side note, why did the NY Police allow them to pose for a selfie they could post on their Twitter account?   Questions, questions….

Organizers of Wednesday’s “A Day Without a Woman” march in New York City were arrested outside President Donald Trump’s signature hotel while staging an act of “civil disobedience.”
Controversial activists Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Bob Bland were reportedly among those arrested by the NYPD near Trump International.

Source: Controversial Women’s March Leader Brings Protest to Trump Tower — and She Leaves in Handcuffs