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Video https://youtu.be/EUVeFxOBJF8

There is a viral video showing a high school art teacher fake assassinating Donald Trump in front of her class.  The video shows art teacher Payal Modi in a classroom.  You can hear students speaking in the background.

In front of the classroom, there is an overhead projector video of President Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  The art teacher is holding a squirt gun, which she then shoots the image of President Donald Trump with, all the while proclaiming “Die!”

One tweeter identified the teacher as being Payal Modi, an art teacher from Adamson High School.  That was quickly confirmed by multiple sources.  The teacher deleted the video, but screenshots of the video preserved it nonetheless.

When she originally posted it, she captioned the video like this: “Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…. #no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday”.

The Secret Service is investigating the teacher, as this was clearly a death threat made against the President.

It’s ironic that this teacher chose to use her public school platform, one paid for by members of the community that school serves (whether they want to or not), to attempt to indoctrinate her kids to believe President Donald Trump is worthy of being assassinated.

It’s also extremely vulgar this woman stood in front of a classroom and decided to justify acts of violence against someone simply for having a different political view than yourself.  But then, that’s now a part of progressive culture, a culture that once claimed it was for inclusiveness and tolerance, a culture that claimed it was anti-violence.  It’s now embracing violence.  It’s now openly practicing intolerance.

One can only hope this woman is not allowed to teach to children in a public school setting any longer.

Go to a private school that wants to teach kids that violence is a’ok if it’s being perpetrated on people who don’t share your political views. Keep your vulgar progressive culture out of the public classrooms.

This is yet another reason why more and more people are choosing homeschool.