Build the Wall Compared to Swastika by Public School Teacher

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This story was brought to our attention by a person on our Facebook page, James Cluck.
Wear a T-Shirt to school that says “Build the Wall” and see what happens.  Well, a middle school boy that goes to Chinook Middle School found out that if you do that, you’re going to get pulled aside by a teacher.

A language arts teacher pulled the seventh grader, Jack,  aside and told him that wearing that shirt was pretty much the same as wearing a swastika.  That’s right, folks, for wearing a shirt that supports building a wall between the US and Mexico you get accused of being a Nazi.

This is a revolutionary tactic by the Progressive Hate Machine, accusing people you disagree with of being Nazis.  Wait, it’s not?  Nope, it’s the same tired demonization tactics they’ve been using for decades, and no one wants to hear it any more.

The language arts teacher is now in hot water.  The teen’s mother, Michelle Fischer, is none too pleased with a government-paid employee using her power to politically bully her son.  She said, on this political bullying, “It does happen.  I think it should be taught in our schools, but only in a two-sided positive way.”

Fischer had created a post complaining about the political bullying on her Facebook page.  It was picked up by Sean Hannity, which in turn further helped the post become viral.

According to Jack, the teacher said to him, after pulling him aside,  ‘How would you feel if someone wore a T-shirt with a swastika on it?’ ”

He replied, ‘You can’t compare my shirt to wearing a swastika. They aren’t the same thing.’

At one point, the teacher told Jack it just wasn’t appropriate to wear a t-shirt with a political message.  Jack countered he had seen the math teacher wear a pro-Barack Obama shirt.

To the school’s credit, the Chinook Middle School Principle, Kevin Pierce, told Jack’s mother there was nothing wrong with the shirt he wore.

Fischer stated, “My goal is not to get this teacher into trouble.   I made it clear to him. She’s a nice person. I just haven’t agreed with the way she’s taught the class.”

The school district, on Friday, stated that the incident had been investigated and “appropriate action” had been taken.  The district also added that student expression is “an important part of education in a democratic society.”

We’ll give the devil credit when credit’s due, but really, this is what happens when government runs schools.  It becomes more about conditioning kids to support big government beliefs that benefit the government employees than about enabling kids to think and develop on their own path.

Bravo for this school actually addressing the mother’s concerns.  Bravo to Jack, who shows us that Deplorables come in all ages, including bold 7th graders who are willing, and able, to confront the Progressive Hate Machine head on, and win, just like President Trump did in 2016.
UPDATE posted to our page….

James Kluck

Update from mom of jack . 
Dear FB friends,please bear with me on this long post.  I wanted to get this whole story out there because I feel the truth is not being portrayed, and many opinions are being formed without people knowing all of the facts.  I have talked with the Tri-city Herald about this experience and they posted an article about it.  

The article was accurate but did not really explain the whole situation.  Since my original posts have caused so many different opinions and caused so many people to have such strong opinions, I thought I would explain this story from the beginning.  

My son Jack has always watched the news with us and over time he became a Trump supporter.  He was very interested in the primary elections and the presidential election. He has worn different shirts to school this year that promoted and supported Donald Trump. One of his teachers who has him in the classroom for three hours each day is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton and was very anti-Trump since the beginning of the year.

 Jack and his friend were the only two kids in her class that supported Trump.  During the year there were several instances when things were said to the class about our future President in a defamatory and degrading way.  Without going into detail, some of the classes had lessons that were anti-Trump and one-sided.  When Jack and his friend gave their opinion, they were ridiculed and called names.  

The name calling continued outside the classroom and at some times, he even felt threatened by some of the other students.  I am convinced that this attitude was perpetuated by what the kids were being taught in class. Part of the curriculum was to watch CNN News for kids.  

When Jack asked why they couldn’t watch Fox news, he was told that it was too biased.  On another occasion, class was working on “Character traits”.  A stick figure was drawn on a poster board.  

The way my son tells it, the teacher told the class that the figure represented her, and asked for descriptive words to describe her.  The kids used words like “optimistic, smart, and outgoing.  She then drew some orange hair on the figure’s head and told them to describe Donald Trump.  

Some of the words used were: Cowardly, Selfish, depressed, intolerant, irresponsible, untrustworthy, and more.  When one of the kids said “Racist” a softer word was written in it’s place.  That poster was left hanging in front of the class even after the election.  When the whole school moved to the new Chinook building, the poster went with them.  So for months now, our kids have been looking at a poster with all these derogatory words on it knowing that they all pertained to Mr. Trump. 

Even after the election, the poster remained.  When Jack and his buddy asked why she did not do one for Hillary, they were told that she was not as interesting as Trump. The day before election day, the teacher told the class there was  no way that Trump would win. That night, Jack was very upset and thought he was going to be made fun of the next day because Trump was never going to win.  

The day of the election, he did not go to school because he was physically sick from worrying about it and thought he was going to get bullied even more by the other kids.  This was the point where I really started to get mad.  If my son is afraid to go to a publicly funded school because of his political belief, then something is not right.  

When Trump actually won the election, we thought all of this would subside.  It didn’t.  When the teacher recently compared his shirt that said “Build the Wall” on it to a Swastika, and told Jack that his shirt was inappropriate and political, he pointed out that his math teacher was wearing an Obama T-shirt that day.  

The swastika analogy was pretty much the last straw for me. Once I posted the picture and the post went viral, the school principal Kevin Pierce called me to talk about it.  

We decided to go in and talk to him.  My husband and I met with him, and we expressed to him that we in NO WAY wanted the teacher to get into any trouble. 

We just felt that this was not an acceptable way to teach our kids and we were concerned about it. We always liked his teacher, but we just do not have the same political views.  

We felt that a great learning opportunity for the kids was lost.  Instead of teaching about the American election process and debating some of the issues, the kids with the minority viewpoint were put down and made fun of. Mr. Pierce was very professional and we were satisfied that he was going to address the issue and help resolve it. 

The school district published a short press release about it but it did not include any details about what happened, and I felt it did not represent the situation very well.  The story was also published on one of the radio stations web sites, but again, most of the facts were left out.  

Many newspapers and TV stations have been calling me, so I thought the best way to get the true story out was to talk to the local newspaper.  

I had a long coversation with the reporter from the TC Herald, but when the article was published it also was missing some facts.  What is being portrayed now on social media is that Jack wore the shirt to bully or degrade some of the other kids.  This is totally untrue.  Jack has many friends from all types of races and religions and he would never do anything to upset them.  He just has a strong pride in America.  

Since he can’t really argue with the teacher or other kids, he wears the shirts to express his opinion.  This is America, and freedom of speech should be honored.  Also, the shirt was worn after Mr. trump was elected, and building the wall is one of his main goals.  So if agreeing with the policy of our own President is wrong and prosecutable then we have a real problem.  We have lived through 8 years of a President whose policies we did not always agree with, but he was still our president and commanded our respect.  Thank you for reading through this long explanation.