Photo: Ralph Benko

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The DC Crane Protest began and ended today with a few Greenpeace Activists interrupting people who were actually doing something LITERALLY constructive.
They climbed high atop a crane just a few blocks from the White House, with the Progressive Party Press duly following behind.

So many national and local news Facebook pages chose to livestream the “dramatic’ protest as a few either paid operatives or people of privilege who don’t have to actually work for a living climbed up the crane, preventing workers from doing their jobs.

The drama was riveting, except it wasn’t when you consider that a lot of attention was being paid to a couple of people climbing a crane to unfurl a flag.

That’s right, that’s what they were doing, unfurling a flag, a flag that said, Resist.  Where were these now sudden anti-gov leftists when the FORMER President, Barack Hussein Obama, was bombing children in Syria?  Crickets. Where were they when the Obama regime allowed Mexican drug thug Kingpins to get weapons that were used to kill people?  Crickets.

But now, less than a week into President Trump’s Presidency, they see the need to unfurl a flag that says “Resist.”  Cute, lefties.   But somehow we doubt that President Trump will be cowed, that his team will be swayed by your token flag of resistance.

What you resist is the dismantling of a heavy-handed, anti-liberty, anti-American machine, the progressive hate machine.  What you fear is that your time is over, our time is now.  What you know is coming is a reckoning, an accountability for the last 8 years where you gave a pass to the regime that used the heavy boot of government to step on the necks of your opponents.
Resist all you want, progressives.  Resistance is futile.