Progs Show Picture of Dead Boy to Attack Trump XOs on Immigration

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The Progressive Hate Machine is showing it has no decency and no moral standards once again.  This time, it’s displaying the picture of a young boy who washed ashore, dead, during the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the summer and fall months of 2015.  The boy died on September 2nd, 2015, after the boat he was in capsized and he drowned.  He washed ashore later.

This image is being used by the Progressive Hate Machine to pin the death of that child on President Trump’s executive orders that affect refugee travel to the United States.  Democrat Chris Murphy tweeted, “To my colleagues: don’t ever again lecture me on American moral leadership if you chose to be silent today.”  Other similar outrages have been blasted by Fake News Operatives, the Progressive Party Press, including CNN that claimed Trump was blocking 134 million people from entering the US, and Huffington Post, which showed a picture of the dead boy with a headline that read “Slamming the Door.”

Trotting out the dead child is a favorite tactic of the Progressive Hate Machine, which relies on emotions, not facts, to sell the masses on their deadly agenda of anti-Americanism. Now, never mind the fact that FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama was in office when the death of this child took place, never mind the fact that it was Obama-led American bombs , weapons and money that helped fund the foreign invaders in Syria that helped destroy a nation, murdered hundreds of thousands of people and left cities across Syria in utter ruins.

No, it is far easier to crudely display the picture of a dead child, an act that screams vulgarity itself, and attempt to make the masses somehow connect the death of children to sensible security measures, than to try to convince the American people that not asking reasonable questions of the people coming in, not doing a fair analysis of the process through which people are allowed to enter this country is somehow reckless and will lead to the drowning of children in the seas.

Because we do NOT play the same perverted game as the Progressive Hate Machine, we will not show this picture.  Shame on you, Democrats, Progressives, for exploiting a child’s death to attempt to undermine American security here at home.  Are you SO desperate to destroy this land that you are willing to do it on the back of a dead child?  Apparently, the answer is yes.