Feinstein, Dems, Move to Undo Vetting of Immigrants

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Dems seek to undo the security President Trump just enacted through his executive orders.  The charge is being led by California Senator Diane Feinstein, who stated in a series of tweets that she would be introducing legislation to reverse the security measures President Trump enacted and open American borders up once again to unvetted immigration.  She said the legislation will immediately rescind the order and limit executive authority under the Immigration and Nationality act.

Feinstein stated, through tweets:
Congress must take swift action in response to President Trump’s discriminatory order. I am drafting two bills to introduce tomorrow.
The first bill immediately rescinds the order. The second limits executive authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act.
Under our bill, the president would not be able to unilaterally ban groups of immigrants.

Here are her tweets:

Just to be clear folks, President Trump’s Executive orders called for a temporary ban of travel from 7 targeted countries, countries the Obama Administration identified as terror risks, not the Trump administration.  What these progressives are attempting to do (and no doubt the Rinos will seek to help them with) is to disarm the Chief Executive Officer, the President, of the United States, from making basic international security decisions that just about every other President has been able to make.  And why?  Because they suddenly are concerned about all the dead and displaced Syrians that the Obama administration created? No, because they might be able to score some emotion-led points with the uninformed, and easily manipulated masses.