The Progressive Hate Machine would like to hide their dirty little secrets about their well-funded armies of hatred and violence they are currently unleashing on the streets of America to stage protests and attack Trump supporters. They’re willing to pay for it, and they’re willing to pay Russian hackers to protect their dirty little secrets.

Russian hackers demanded ransom money from over a dozen Democratic groups over protester funding information, according to a report.
The left-wing Center for American Progress was one of the organizations approached by the group, who the FBI says is the same group that organized the hacks of the Democratic National Committee in 2016, Bloomberg reports.
Bloomberg reports that some left-wing organizations paid the ransom demanded by the hackers in an attempt to hide sensitive information about their role in funding anti-Trump protesters across the country.
The report highlighted a conversation between an employee with a left-leaning nonprofit organization and an unnamed donor about using government-funded grants to protest the Trump administration.
Source: Democratic Groups Paid Ransom Demanded by Russian Hackers to Keep Protester Funding Secret