#MAGA supporters, fellow deplorables, got more than they bargained for after rallying in front of Mar-a-Lago in support of President Trump. They got an invitation to visit President Trump inside his florida home.

A small group had lined up on Bingham Island with signs and flags. According to one supporter: “We waved to him, the cars went by really fast, and we were just sitting down talking about the events of the day,” said Valeria Bianco.
The long-time Trump supporter said no one expected what happened next. Bianco said a member of the President’s team came back, “And invited us to go to Mar-a-Lago,” she said. “To get into a secret service van, get checked out, and go to Mar-a-Lago.”

Source: Trump Supporters Get Unexpected Surprise Visit With President Trump in Mar-a-Lago… | The Last Refuge