In an effort to use the Bench as a political weapon, rather than to do the work of actually discerning law, the two Federal Judges who ruled to strike down President Trump’s travel ban relied on fake news to do it.
According to Breitbart, the judges relied on a ‘leaked’ document that selectively omitted certain facts and contradicted other records on the matter of security and immigration.
Nevermind that BOTH judges failed to actually even reference the statutes that granted the President the right to issue travel bans through executive orders, or that the egregiously overstepped their constitutional powers by assuming they could second guess the President’s judgment on what qualifies as a security risk, the premise that they operated within, that they had this executive power, despite being part of the judicial, not the executive branch, to veto executive orders because they disagree with the President’s judgment, the document they used to justify this unconstitutional ruling was itself fake news.
Rulings like this, even if the document was not fake news, undermine the concept of Rule of Law in a Republic.  These rulings reveal arbitrary, politically driven law not Rule of Law.  The FACT that these rulings were based off of fake news makes that political reality of Law all the more obvious.
We expect nothing less from the progressive hate machine, devoid, as it is, of facts to support its anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-American ideology.

Both federal judges who issued separate decisions on March 15 revoking President Trump’s travel ban cited a draft Department Homeland Security document leaked to the Associated Press by an unknown person and included in a story published on February 24 as evidence central to their rulings.
The significance of the unofficial leaked draft DHS document upon which these two federal judges relied in making their controversial travel ban decisions is the false information it conveys about the level of risk posed to national security by refugees who commit terrorist acts.
…..The data included in the leaked draft document “is dramatically different than the data reported in another list of terrorists compiled by former Senator, now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions,” Breitbart News reported last month.
According to a document published by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, “DOJ Public/Unsealed Terrorism and Terrorism-Related Convictions 9/11/01-12/31/14,” 74 people from the seven countries identified in the temporary travel ban in Executive Order 13679–Iran (3), Iraq (19), Libya (1), Somalia (21), Syria (7), Sudan (3), and Yemen (20)–were arrested and convicted of terrorist acts between 2001 and 2014

Source: Mystery Surrounds Leaked Draft DHS Document at Center of Controversial Travel Ban Decisions by Two Federal Judges