President Trump Signs Executive Order that Changes how Regulations Are Created

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President Donald Trump delivered on yet another campaign promise today when he signed an executive order that hits the Regulation Nation with a devastating blow.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that requires that any new regulation that is enacted MUST be accompanied by two regulations that are de-activated.

He had a signing ceremony in which small business owners surrounded him.  One of the business owners thanked the President for helping to free small businesses from the onerous red tape of overregulation.

President Trump said, “This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. There will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be normalized control.”

Yes, this is exactly what a dictator does when he takes power, he signs executive order reducing the power of government to control people’s lives, or so the Progressive Party Press will have you believe.

It is telling that right after the signing, the first question shouted out by the press was, “what do you think of all the protests?”

This is a monumental act by the President to fundamentally reverse course on the Progressive Empire of Regulations that has been used for far too long to push their anti-American, anti-prosperous agenda behind closed doors.

The so-called party of the people is really the party of the Regulators, which is decidedly not working in the interests of the people but in the interests of the very powerful allies and sponsors of the Progressive Hate Machine.