President Trump Withdraws From Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Donald Trump made good on a key campaign promise today by signing a memorandum today that withdrew the United States from former President Obama’s signature trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Trump stated, “We’ve been talking about this for a long time…(withdrawing from TPP is) a great thing for the American worker.”

Note how the New York Times worded this decision, “The president’s withdrawal from the Asian-Pacific trade pact amounted to a drastic reversal of decades of economic policy in which presidents of both parties have lowered trade barriers and expanded ties around the world. Although candidates have often criticized trade deals on the campaign trail, those who made it to the White House, including President Barack Obama, ended up extending their reach.”

Of course, the New York Times will have you agree that the TPP actually created open trade, not that, in reality, it created sovereignty issues for America and unfair trade conditions that enriched the elites while leaving everyone else found wanting.  But that’s just what the New York Times, and the interests it serves, wants.