Be careful what you wish for, progressives. They wanted a serious investigation into the possible connections between the Russians and American political leaders. As it turns out, those connections might actually be real, but not in the way the progressives hoped.
It seems the Clinton camp has FAR MORE ties to the Russians than the Trump Team does, that includes the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta.
Representative Louie Gohmert is calling for an investigation by congress into John Podesta’s ties to Russia.

Citing investigative reporting by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) and advance reporting by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group, Rep. Louie Gohmert is calling for a congressional investigation into the connection between Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman, John Podesta, and Russia.
Podesta sat on the board of the Putin-connected energy company alongside Russian officials who received $35 million from a Putin-linked Russian government fund, Breitbart News reported last August, as revealed in a 56-page GAI report titled “From Russia with Money: Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism.”
Now Gohmert, the Texas Republican firebrand who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, says Podesta’s role in the Russia-funded firm “certainly needs to be reviewed to see if there really is something nefarious going on with these activities.”

Source: Congressman Calls for Federal Probe into John Podesta’s Board Membership on Firms Linked to Russian Investors