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In the last days of his administration, FORMER President Barack Obama attempted to leave a last-minute gift to the Palestinian Authority, despite its known ties to terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas.
FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama left the Radical Muslim organization a gift of $221 million.  It was a sweet gesture, to some, but to others, not so much.

Never too shy to walk head on in opposition to the progressive agenda, President Donald Trump wasn’t going to allow that late-minute attempt to send your tax dollars over to support an organization with known terrorist ties to go unchallenged.

The Trump administration announced it would be freezing the move pending a review by the State Department, one that will no longer be led by the long-faced Progressive Hate Machine operative, John Kerry.

The funds are ostensibly to help in the reconstruction of Gaza and for “good governance” programs.  Were they actually used for those purposes, there might be more of a serious consideration of whether or not to send such aid.  But no one, outside of the progressive hate machine’s circles, is buying that excuse.