The revolution has just begun, and the progressives mean to destroy it.  Barack Hussein Obama directs the insurgency against Trump from a cozy DC office.

Folks, lest any of you think “we won,” “it’s over,” bear this in mind.  The progressives have not changed who they are or what they want, total control over just about every aspect of your life, for the good of the whole.  They mean to put in place a central planning committee that will engineer your life for you in such a way so as to create the ideal collective hive mind of “humanity,” with the elites standing outside of the hive, with special permission slips to not suffer under the same burden of regulation that the unwashed masses, useful bits of the collective hive mind, will be forced to endure.

Even now, FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama is gathering his denizens of hate to create armies set to dismantle and destroy the Trump Presidency before it ever gets started.  We sa what the Obama operatives are capable of with the taking down of General Flynn.  We see what these agents of insurrection are capable of with the efforts by the progressive party press to create a myth of chaos, hoping it will come true.  Now, their Messiah, FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama, is teaming up with the treasonous FORMER Attorney General Eric “we want to indoctrinate your kids to hate guns so we can control you” Holder on a special project.

From The Federalist

The Obama family will remain in Washington DC, within a couple miles of the White House, for the next two years as Obama’s youngest daughter finishes high school.

From there, Obama will help direct his new foundation, which he has said will be a “startup for citizenship.” That could mean a lot things, but in light of his other plans it suggests the Obama Foundation will be a political grassroots organization designed to mobilize progressive activists.

Obama has also announced he’ll be working with former Attorney General Eric Holder on a political action group called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Its goal is to get Democrats elected at the state and local level ahead of the next redrawing of congressional districts. Last month, Obama reportedly met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to strategize about redistricting.


THIS is why it is ESSENTIAL that we organize, that we pray, that we continue the Trump Revolution.  FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama had an army behind him to carry him through.  President Trump is fighting insurgents from within the government, progressives who are almost openly calling for a coup.  He has a mainstream media, the progressive party press, that is manufacturing lies, half-truths, and out-of-context stories to constantly undermine the President with the people.  And now he has General Barry, sitting in DC, directing, I would bet, the insurgents within the government and the insurgents outside of government.

THIS is a fight for the very heart of America and the progressive will NOT go gently into that good night, and neither should you.