Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Executive Order 12333, NSA, Jay Sekulow, Barack Obama, Shadow Government, Shadow Intelligence Agency

On January 3rd, 2017, then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, signed off on an expansion of rules surrounding Executive Order  12333.  Her signature finalized a rule change that had been signed off by then  Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper on December 15, 2016.

Jay Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice, called the motivation, and consequential alleged acts that followed, a “soft coup.”

Was this rule change designed to help President Obama create a “Shadow Government?”

Even the ACLU called the rules change “an erosion of the rules intended to protect the privacy of Americans.”

Jay Sekulow says the rule change creates a “Shadow Intelligence Agency.”

The rule exponentially compounds the difficulty of tracking leaks, Sekulow observed.

The question is raised, did the Intelligence Community leakers violate espionage laws by leaking sensitive government information?

I for one have no doubt that this rule did exactly as it was designed to do.  It created access to Obama loyalists, and even to NeverTrumpers within government, to sensitive information that could be used against the Trump administration in an attempt to dismantle the administration from within.
It also created confusion, layers of potential investigation points making it significantly more difficult to track down the traitors from within the government.  Who leaked?  It’s not a simple matter of looking at one department, rather, you must now expand your investigation to 13 departments.

Make no mistake about this, this rule change was not, as the document claims, about allowing other agencies to determine whether they should be privy to sensitive information or not, thus providing some “accountability” to the NSA which had, since the Executive Order had been created by Ronald Reagan on December 4th, 1981, 35 years ago.  This rule change, done at the midnight hour of FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama’s hold on power, was all about making it easier for Obama operatives and their allies, the NeverTrumpers, to do the work of executing a soft coup.

To these elites, be they Obama operatives or NeverTrumpers beholden to the RINO GOP, they know better than the American people who should be in charge and what kind of rules they have to follow.

They’ve been effectively locked out of the halls of power and they have no intention of going softly into that good night.  This, in part, is why we are here, the Trump Revolution, to be ever vigilant to FINISH what was started on November 8th, 2016, the day we began our revolution to fundamentally undo what the progressives and their RINO allies have done to this nation.

No, they will not go gently into that good night, and we, WE will not be gentle in our response, our diligence, our determination, to meet this threat from within.