Deep-State operatives in the employ of the Progressive Hate Machine (who operate on both sides of the aisle) are desperate to make the Fake News story of Russian ties to the Trump campaign stick, but one key point, these operatives lack even the cooperation of one of their most powerful and underhanded allies, James “I AM THE STATE NOW” Comeny. In a telling exchange between Congressman Mike Rogers and James Comey, it was revealed there is NO EVIDENCE that Russians affected the outcome of the election.

Going to Adm. Rogers, Nunes said, “Do you have any evidence that Russian actors changed vote tallies in the state of Michigan?” referring to a battleground state Hillary Clinton lost.
“No, I do not,” Rogers responded, before emphasizing the NSA is a foreign intelligence agency, and does not focus domestically.
“How about the state of Pennsylvania?” Nunes asked.
“No, sir,” Rogers responded.
“The state of Wisconsin?”
“No, sir,” Rogers said.
He gave similar answers when asked about vote tallying in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.
Turning to Comey, Nunes said, “Do you have any evidence that the FBI that any votes were changed in the states I mentioned to Adm. Rogers?”
“No,” Comey responded.

Source: FBI, NSA: ‘No evidence’ Russia manipulated US vote tallying – The American MirrorThe American Mirror