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DNC Chair Candidate Sally Boynton Brown demonstrated once again why the Democrat Party is still continuing on its path of implosion.  Rather than learning lessons from their shellacking in the November election, the dems are doubling down on the SJW, Black Lives Matter, Anti-White narratives.
The latest example has a major candidate for their top party position proudly declaring, “My job is to shut other white people down….”
She also accused whites of being guilty of having privilege and took it upon herself to make sure whites knew this.
If you watch the video, you will notice the joy in the black woman’s face when Brown (ironic last name, no?) declared she’d shut down white people and the white man looks, well….awkward.

Brown is the current executive director of the Idaho Democratic Committee.   She made her anti-white statement during a forum hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid.  Color me surprised that MSNBC has their finger on this display of progressive privilege.