Maxine Waters, Rex Tillerson, Russia, Soviet Union, Chris Hayes, All In, MSNBC

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) went on another unhinged tirade this week, this time on the Chris Hayes’ show, “All In,” which is aired on the Progressive Party Network, MSNBC.

In the interview, Waters repeated the false claims, which have been debunked by the intelligence community itself, that Trump and his team were working with the Russians to help them with sanctions.  But she goes BEYOND that accusation to state that Trump was placed in office by the Russians to help them rebuild the Soviet Union.

That’s right, a sitting congresswoman went on national television and accused a sitting President of actively working to recreate the Soviet Union.  This is odd, considering the progressive party, or democrat party, to which she belongs, has FAR more in common with the Soviet Union than the republican party, or Trump, does.

As a matter of fact, Democrats have a LONG history of covertly and overtly supporting the Soviet Union.  But never let facts get in the way of spreading fake new, Maxine.

She continued in her unhinged manner to accuse Exxon and other oil companies of corruption, with no facts to back up her claim.  This is a sitting congresswoman, a woman of high rank in the democrat party, going on national television and accusing American companies of corruption with no proof.

Finally, she goes on to declare that all the members of the Trump administration are scum.  When Chris Hayes asks which ones, she says anyone involved with this Russia-Soviet Union-Oil scam.  When he asks to clarify if Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State of the United States,  is scum, she responds that he’s part of the group she is referring to.

How inappropriate, and how dangerous, is it for a sitting congress member to go on national television and essentially accuse the President of treason, American companies of corruption and the Secretary of State of being scum?  I’d have to say that North Korean Anti-American propaganda could learn a few lessons from this enemy of the American People, Maxine “I Sold my soul to the Progressive Hate Machine” Waters.