Hollywood Walk of Fame, James Otis, Miekr ter Poorten, Donald Trump star

The progressive activist, James Otis, that took it upon himself to destroy President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame got a big dose of reality on Tuesday, February 21st.  Otis plead no contest to a felony in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  According to his attorney, Miekr ter Poorten, Otis will also have to pay $4,400 for the damage to the star, as well as attorney’s fees.  Otis will also have to serve 20 days of labor as part of the plea agreement.

Originally, Otis was going to steal the star and and sell it, giving the money to the 11 women fake news falsely claimed were groped by Trump.  President Donald Trump told us there would be so much winning we would get sick of all the winning.  Well, I’m not sure if we’ll get sick of the winning, but here we see, yet again, more winning.  Any time a progressive takes it upon him or herself to presume a “right” to destroy property because of their feels, then is held accountable and forced to pay for that presumption of progressive privilege, we have to call that hat it is, WINNING!