Kerry and other Failed Former Prog Officials Submit Albright

Former failed Secretary of State, John Kerry, and a host of other Progressive sycophants who were also former officials in Progressive regimes, including another failed Secretary of State that gives her name to the document, Madeline Albright, all got together to create a document in opposition to President Trump’s Travel Ban.
When President Obama made a similar type “pause” in immigration in 2011, the Albrightians were nowhere to be found.

Watch the full video:
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Here is the key piece of that document, called the Albright Declaration:

  1. We all agree that the United States faces real threats from terrorist networks and
    must take all prudent and effective steps to combat them, including the appropriate vetting of
    travelers to the United States. We all are nevertheless unaware of any specific threat that would
    justify the travel ban established by the Executive Order issued on January 27, 2017. We view
    the Order as one that ultimately undermines the national security of the United States, rather than
    making us safer. In our professional opinion, this Order cannot be justified on national security
    or foreign policy grounds. It does not perform its declared task of “protecting the nation from
    foreign terrorist entry into the United States.” …
  2. There is no national security purpose for a total bar on entry for aliens from the
    seven named countries….
  3. In our professional opinion, the Order was ill-conceived, poorly implemented and
    ill-explained. The “considered judgment” of the President in the prior cases where courts have deferred was based upon administrative records showing that the President’s decision rested on
    cleared views from expert agencies with broad experience on the matters presented to him.
    Here, there is little evidence that the Order underwent a thorough interagency legal and policy
    processes designed to address current terrorist threats….
  4. For all of the foregoing reasons, in our professional opinion, the January 27
    Executive Order does not further – but instead harms – sound U.S. national security and foreign interests.

This document was submitted to the court as proof that the Executive Order is not proper.  To point four, that they claim, these folks who no longer have access to the same intelligence reports the President has, that the order has “no national security purpose,” it is not the job of the court to assess whether a President’s executive order is actually good for national security or not, it is only the job of the court to judge whether the President has the constitutional and/or legislative authority to issue that executive order.

A ruling on this matter could happen as soon as today.  We’ll be sure to track it when the ruling is released.