While progressives cry themselves to sleep over the surge of liberty and freedom in America, fly-over-country is reveling. One town, Hazard, Kentucky, is getting a vital shot in the arm from President Trump’s ending of FORMER President Barack Hussein Obama’s anti-American, anti-prosperity, anti-coal executive orders and EPA regulations.
Tired of the winning yet? Nope? Me neither!

Hazard, Kentucky is one of those small coal-mining towns with one main road snaking through the hollow. Both sides of the road are lined with a handful of retail stores and restaurants. The windows on about half of those stores are now covered with newspaper. The signs out front say, “closed.”
That’s what happens in a one-industry town when the president turns against that industry. Carla Hall at tiny Feltner’s Barbershop, right on the main road, knows that too well.
“My business went down tremendously,” she said.
Like Carla, everyone in town, from the insurance salesman to the waitress at the coffee shop, is ultimately connected to money that comes out of the mine.
“When they start getting laid off, they stretch out the haircuts,” she said.
However, there is a new sense of optimism in coal country and that is linked to a new president who, from the campaign trail, frequently bellowed: “We are going to put our miners back to work.”

Source: With Trump in office, coal mining town begins making comeback | Fox News