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Less than one week after President Donald Trump assumed the helm, Progressive Party Press Hack Keith Olberman  is already calling for Donald Trump to resign.
He called for President Trump’s resignation on GQ Magazine’s Online Show, which he hosts, called “The Resistance”

Olberman said, “It’s time for Donald Trump to resign as president.  Admittedly, it’s been an interesting couple of days. But for any patriotic American capable of adding two and two and not getting one-and-a-half million, this is enough.”

And why should President Trump resign?  Because he used the IRS as a weapon against his political enemies?  Because he illegally let Mexican drug gangs get guns from America?  Because he intentionally left a US Ambassador and Marines die in Benghazi?  Because he used an illegal private server that was easily hacked by multiple foreign powers?  Because he sold political influence to the highest bidder, foreign and domestic, through a sham charity in his name?
Nah, those were progressives, the FORMER President, Barack Hussein Obama and the FORMER Secretary of State and Progressive Party candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.  He’s cool with that.
Nope, Donald Trump should resign because he is lying liar who says mean things about the Progressive Party Press.  Yeah.
In the video, Olberman states that because he “lied” about the CIA intentionally trying to undermine his Presidency and comparing that to Nazi Germany (despite the fact that someone within the CIA leaked classified information about a private meeting Trump had with then CIA Director Brenan), and that he said that it was not raining during his speech when it was, then THAT MEANS Trump might start a nuclear war.
Somehow I doubt President Trump will take your progressive screeching seriously, Keith.  But do keep exposing the insanity, the lies, the hypocrisy of your party and the machine you serve, the Progressive Hate Machine.