The streets of London are no longer safe… -FILE PHOTO, RBM (c) 2013

Great Britain is the latest victim of terrorist activity.  I’ve always felt uneasy whenever a pair of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints missionaries show up in my neighborhood.  Two young, gangly Caucasian males wearing short sleeve white shirts and ties always sends a shiver down my spine.  Oh, the attacker in London wasn’t a Mormon?

Darn those NAMBLA loving Catholic priests who think it’s okay to fondle young boys.  This is what happens when a supposedly celibate and unmarried priest for years on end is forced to finish communion wine and like Father Guido Sarducci maybe indulge in a cigarette now and then.  Can you expect them not to want to molest a boy here and there down the road.

Oh, it wasn’t a Catholic priest who ran over people and stabbed to death a Bobby?  Okay, I heard this report on the radio this morning.  A mother was charged with banging her daughter’s head against a wall whenever she got her Bible verses fouled up.

Now here we have a Christian violently attacking her own kin because she confused I Corinthians with “two.”  So you see, there is no difference between a radical Islamic terrorist who runs over and stabs people on the street versus all of the hateful, bloodthirsty Christians we know are out there (we just never hear any reporting on that, because we know the press is just anxious to run with a story like that).  “Allah akbar” is no different than “Christ’s peace be with you.”  There, in a nutshell (and I mean “nut”!) is liberal moral equivalency.


-By Rosario Sollazzi

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