In what might be the most disturbing item of the day, Judge Andrew Napolitano was suspended indefinitely by Fox News for his comments about Obama using British Intelligence to work around US Legal restrictions to wiretap Trump. Fox News CLAIMS to have a source that is telling them the Judge’s claims are unfounded.
The fact that Fox News felt the need to actually suspend the Judge over his comments, when they have Deep State Operatives like Sheppard Smith knowingly spreading fake news narratives (such as his claims there was NO EVIDENCE that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump Team, despite ACTUAL leaks of spying on the team being shared on sites like the New York Times), should send warning signs to all who watch Fox News that there might be a shifting of allegiances going on there.
Time will tell if those fears are founded or not, but this move by Fox News should trouble anyone who wants to Make America Great Again.
For their part, Fox News offered no clarification or comment on their move to suspend the Judge.