Rapper Joy Villa stole the Grammy show last night, walking into the den of progressive iniquity and donning a MAGA dress.  The payoff?  Well, her progressive fans vowed to boycott her.  She
immediately began receiving racist attacks by the progressive hate machine, throwing the usual racist slurs at her, like calling her an “Aunt Tom,” a “House Negro.”

Well, she may have lost support from her deadbeat, anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-prosperous set, but she gained much more from patriotic Americans who recognized one of their own when they saw her.  Her album sales exploded:

In the movers and shakers category, Villa’s albums take up the first three positions:

I personally have received anecdotal evidence from people who are going out and buying not one, but ten copies of her albums, even though they don’t particularly like her music.  What’s interesting is I have also heard from people who are not Trump supporters (but not progressives) who have gone out and bought her album.  Progressives fancy themselves the rebels, the ones boldly standing up and saying things that are not popular in current year culture, but, in fact, they are the morality police, the bishops of culture, proclaiming to a coerced choir beliefs that are wholly “accepted” by the “cool” kids.  Joy Villa’s dress what a true act of defiance, the true rebel going into the progressive den of iniquity and defying the bishops of culture, the morality police, the progressive hate machine.

Here’s a video of the event;

Going into the Den of Progressive Iniquity, the Grammies, where self-righteous, virtue signaling Bishops of Culture, Police Chiefs of Morality, gather to celebrate their cult of anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-prosperity. Joy Villa sounded off a visual display of DEFIANCE in the face of tyranny. She entered the stage, clad in white, and soon unveiled MAGA! Much to the shock and dismay of the progressive cult gathered around her.
She stole the show, she reigned supreme over the would-be tyrants, all pining for the bad old days, when progressives ruled with force of state, dictating to all the way to talk, what to eat, who to serve, and how to do business.
SHE showed herself to be the force of defiance against their efforts to resist liberty, to resist prosperity, to resist humanity. We have a new hero, one of many more and more coming forward against the progressive culture of hate, defiant, boldly proclaiming MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
We salute you Joy Villa, and join you in your act of DEFIANCE!
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